Complex automation without script

One of the biggest problems with integration and automation is scripting. Once you get into scripting, you start making compromises and losing control. Scripting cannot provide the essential features of an orchestration platform. It is designed for sequential processing on a single machine. It does not easily (if at all) support multi-platform workflows or parallelism and it definitely does not support event-based execution.

agileWORKFLOW provides these essential features and it integrates declarative ways of programming logic into your workflow. All of this enables the definition of complex workflows without scripting and via a simple and comprehensive graphical user interface.

Pre-programmed features that are provided by agileWORKFLOW :

  • FUNCTIONS are provided via dynamic variables that are defined using the JAVA language and that can be referenced in task or event definitions;
  • PROCESS PARALLELISM or THREADING is provided by DEPENDENCIES that controls the sequencing and timing of process execution;
  • SUBROUTINES are provided via GROUPS that encapsulate multiple tasks and generate a single point of dependency;
  • LOOPING is provided via LISTS that can be used as GROUP ITERATORS;
  • VARIABLES are provided as GLOBAL or LOCAL (GROUP level) placeholders that can be referenced in task or event definitions;
  • LOCKS are provided via RESOURCES that can be assigned to TASKS or GROUPS thus creating indirect relationships between tasks.