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If you are interested in purchasing agileWORKFLOW, please contact one of our sales representatives at

What are threads?

Threads are what your workflow uses to execute tasks. One thread can execute one task at a time so basically, the more thread you have, the more task you can run at the same time. This offers a really scalable pricing method which is adapted to SME’s needs (smaller companies with smaller automation needs won’t have to overpay for agileWORKFLOW but, if you need more power, we have you covered!)

What are agents?

Agents are services that provide processing capabilities on any computers in your infrastructure. You basically need to install and configure an agent on every computer where you want to execute tasks or evaluate events. Agents need threads to execute tasks.

Why is parallelism good for me?

Parallelism gives you the possibility to run tasks that don’t have any dependencies with each other at the same time (e.g. run extraction tasks from multiple sources at the same time) This will help you optimize the execution of your workflow and at the end, save a lot of time! (Only possible with more than one thread)

Am I eligible for any discounts?

We offer great discounts if you choose threads for 2 or 3 years terms!

Community vs Email Support

With the Community support, you have access to all the product updates, community forums and support from your peers. Community forums are monitored by our staff and they participate in the community. The email support give you access to all the community support and to our ticketing system where you can post issues and receive answers from our product experts via email. The email support is provided from 9am to 5pm (Eastern Time) on business days.